Rates and Fees

Requesting to be connected with a lender is completely free. All the information you provide is used to rapidly search our extensive lender database and we attempt to connect you with a lender that can work with you. There is never any upfront cost for this referral process. In return, you’ll be receiving the help you so desperately need to help you through your rough financial patch.

All Credit Types Accepted

Since payday loans are available to consumer with all types of credit, getting a payday loan now is easier than ever The playing field is a lot more level and fair than it would be with a standard lending institution. There’s never any punishment for a low score, or any reward for a higher rating. Every request is weighed exactly the same and receives the same treatment. This is a huge benefit that you usually can’t find through any bank!

The lenders themselves will be responsible for determining interest rates, not PaydayLoanNow.com. These numbers will most likely vary somewhat depending on which company is chosen as the loan provider. And again, there is no fee charged at the time of your request.

Repay Your Loan All At Once

While annual interest rates may look high at first, it’s important to keep in mind that even though you can receive a payday loan now, it is intended to be repaid quickly, before interest has a chance to build. Additionally, these loans do tend to be higher-risk than a traditional bank, and that factor is taken into consideration when determining applicable quotes for your current situation. This is the trade-off lenders most often choose when offering payday loans.

If you are connected with a lender, the loan terms can be discussed directly with the lender prior to signing. At any time before signing, there is no obligation to continue the process. If concerned about the legitimacy of the lenders, remember that all lenders referred by PaydayLoanNow.com are bound by the federal Truth in Lending Act, which holds every financial lender to certain standards, in order to grant further protection to the consumer.

Finally, the contract should be read thoroughly before agreeing to repayment terms. Make sure the loan amount is within your budget for repayment. The intent of getting a payday loan now is to help hardworking families out of financial crisis, not add to their troubles later. There is never any pressure to continue the request process if you change your mind, and all individuals are welcome to resubmit a request at any time in the future. There’s no risk in doing so, because there are never any fees charged in advance.

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